Study tour of Chilean Ministry of Energy in Germany

Three-day stay is organized by the Embassy of Chile and focusses on H2 & electric mobility

The most recent „Proyecto de actividad específica en el exterior ("Specific Abroad Activity Project") (PAEE) of the Embassy of Chile in Germany, comprised a study tour focussed on hydrogen and electro mobility. Benjamin Maluenda and Daniela Soler of the Chilean Ministry of Energy (ME), travelled to Germany with the aim to identify new areas for bilateral cooperation. Moreover, the study tour promotes and deepens the still young Energy Partnership between Chile and Germany.
The programme of activities consisted of participating in a seminar on renewable energies in the city of Hamburg, together with a visit to partners of interest from both the public and private sectors, both in the cities of Hamburg and in Berlin. Francisco Ulloa from the Embassy of the Republic of Chile gave an introduction to Chile's energy sector and the bilateral Chile-Germany relationship. The Chilean guests presented on "Current trends in the development of the Chilean energy matrix", particularly on "the future of energy and hydrogen potential in Chile" and "electro mobility".

Topics of interest were among others:
- Legal and regulatory framework and procedures in Chile
- Companies involved in the hydrogen value chain (production, transport, applications, etc.).
- Public institutions or bodies that have regulated the hydrogen value chain (technical regulations, standards, public policies).
- Companies dedicated to providing flexibility to the electrical system (battery operators, among others)
- Hydrail (Hydrogen Trains)
- Role of electric vehicles in the market, with them being purely electric or using fuel cells
- Application of "electromobility market": interaction that exists between the user, the charger, the manager of that load, the challenge presented by the location of public chargers.