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Webinar "Carbon Capture Technologies and their potential in Chile"

GIZ Chile’s 4e program, in the framework of the Energy Partnership Chile-Alemania, together with the Ministry of Energy, organized the webinar “Carbon Capture Technologies and their potential in Chile”, on July 27.

During this webinar, the study “Carbon capture analysis for the production of synthetic fuels in Chile”, which compares the different technologies for CO2 capture, both at an atmospheric level and directly from inevitable sources, was shown. Another topic discussed was the potential for CO2 capture from industrial inevitable sources in Chile, identifying its necessary conditions and the relevant industrial sectors where this technology could be applied.

Participants in this event included Daina Neddemeyer, from the Energy Partnership Chile-Alemania, and Juan Pedro Searle, from the Climate Change Division at the Ministry of Energy, who welcomed the attendees. Afterwards, GIZ Chile’s José Fuster and INODÚ Chile’s Victoria Fröhlich presented the study. The webinar concluded with a rich panel discussion between Carolina Urmeneta, from the Ministry of Environment, Rolf Schumacher, from HIF/AME, Ricardo Pareja, from FICEM, Victoria Fröhlich and José Fuster. This panel was moderated by Mariela Ramos from GIZ Chile’s Global Carbon Market Project.

Download Jose Fuster and Veronica Fröhlich’s presentation here.



"Analysis of Carbon Capture for the Production of Synthetic Fuels in Chile"

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Executive summary: "Analysis of Carbon Capture for the Production of Synthetic Fuels in Chile"

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"Technical Guideline - Energy Efficiency in the Pulp and Paper Industry"

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