Support for green hydrogen projects

The use of green hydrogen in the German industry will be key to meeting its carbon neutrality target by 2045, so within the framework of its National Hydrogen Strategy and the Post-Pandemic Economic Stimulus Programme, it is promoting a series of instruments to finance green hydrogen projects.

One of these instruments is support for international cooperation projects, the aim of which is to provide funding of up to 15 million euros to German companies involved in hydrogen projects such as industrial production plants, pilot and demonstration initiatives, research projects and accompanying or preparatory scientific studies.

Consortiums of German companies and from countries such as Chile, with which Germany maintains a high-level Energy Partnership, are especially invited to apply. Universities and research institutions can also participate in a special category.

Among the requirements is that the project helps to mitigate greenhouse gases, and that it meets sustainability criteria like renewable energy, efficient use of water and international labour standards, among others.

In Chile, the GIZ Renewable Energy Programme is the focal point for interested companies, which can write to for more information.



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