Developing Energy Transition Scenarios for Chile

On September 22nd and 23rd, the IASS Potsdam Institute, in the framework of the project “Investigating the Systemic Impacts of the Global Energy Transition (ISIGET)” and in collaboration with the Energy Partnership Chile-Alemania, held a series of workshops to develop possible future scenarios based on variables defined through stakeholders interviews, including representatives from the Ministry of Energy, members from the civil society, academia, NGOs, and actors from the financial, industrial and innovation sectors.

During the first day, relationships between the variables were established, taking probable scenarios associated with each one of them. For this purpose, four working groups were formed, where, based on the experience and perspectives of the workshop participants, rounds of discussion were held to reach a consensus.

On the second day, based on the conclusions of the four groups of day 1, a variable-by-variable analysis was carried out. Newly formed groups proceeded to discuss the implication relationships more deeply, adding or discarding new relationships accordingly. Based on the results of this work, the qualitative data is entered into a computational model in order to establish energy scenarios for the year 2050.

The results and also an international exchange with other countries participating in the ISIGET project are expected for the year 2022.

More info about the ISIGET project in the following link.